2-3 hodiny na svatbě

100+ upravených fotografií




6 hodin na svatbě

200+ upravených fotografií


zapůjčení instaxu zdarma


Celý den

12 hodin na svatbě

400+ upravených fotografií


zapůjčení instaxu zdarma

doprava po ČR zdarma




If you haven't booked a photographer yet, book me. Not only will you put something fun in my calendar in these restrictive Covid times, but you'll barely know I'm there. I use a natural, documentary style approach to wedding photography, which means I'll capture your wedding covertly, without you being aware of my presence. Of course, I'll still make time for a short, intimate photo session, but I won't steal you away from the very people you want to celebrate with for hours on end, and make you pose under huge flashing lights.

Hours & pricing 

You'll have my services for 12 hours; from the morning alarm until the beginning of the party. You'll receive at least 300 high-resolution photos and the cost is 17.500 CZK / 700 EUR + transport. A pre-wedding meeting is included in the price, as well as the lending of a Fuji film Instax polaroid camera – all you need to do is buy the film for it!

Individual offers

If you have specific requirements, and will need me for the ceremony only, or conversely, an entire weekend, just let me know. I'll put together an individual offer for you. I can also prepare a wedding photo book or large framed prints for your wall, so you can relive the event anytime you like after it's all over. 

Individual & family portraits

I use the same unassuming, natural style for portraits. If you're not comfortable, that will show up in the photos, so I work with my clients to agree on scenarios upfront. And don't worry, I have ways of capturing you without you even knowing, so there won't be any of those "Ready? Cheese!" moments. 

Hours & pricing 

The price depends on the length of the photo shoot, whether it's a personal portrait, family afternoon photo session, or a series of corporate photos for your company. The basic photoshoot takes 1-2 hours and costs 2.500 CZK / 100 EUR. If we shoot in the studio, the cost will be a little higher.

Studio details 

I rent Digifoto photo studio at I.P. Pavlova and Chodov in Prague. Both are fully professionally equipped. I don't set the exact number of final pictures you will receive, I simply select the best ones. You will receive all of them unless we agree otherwise.


Team buildings, company parties, conferences, cultural events – it will be an honor to document anything you organize. I charge 2.500 CZK / 80 EUR for the first hour and 1.200 CZK / 50 EUR for every hour after that.