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3 hours at the wedding

100+ edited photos


11.000 CZK
450 EUR

Half Day

6 hours at the wedding

200+ edited photos


free Instax camera rental

19.000 CZK
800 EUR

Full day

12 hours at the wedding

400+ edited photos


free Instax camera rental

free transportation within the Czech Republic

27.500 CZK
1.150 EUR


I approach wedding photography primarily as a documentary. Just like in my favorite street photography, I capture your spontaneous moments without you often even knowing about me. I strive to interfere as little as possible and allow you to fully enjoy your exceptional day. Of course, I'm happy to capture you during a separate portrait session, but in a more intimate style of candid moments rather than bombarding you with multiple spotlights and forcing you into awkward poses.

Typically, I stay for 12 hours at the wedding, which means I'll be there from the sound of the alarm clock until the evening dance moves, depending on our agreement. However, I also offer shorter packages if you only want to capture the wedding ceremony or a part of the day. For these packages, I additionally charge transportation at 5 CZK/km (0,2 EUR/km).

If you have more specific requirements, such as needing me for multiple days, please reach out to me, and we will surely come up with a plan. In all cases, I include a joint meeting so we can get to know each other a bit.

Since I never deliver unedited photos, I appreciate your trust in allowing me to make the final selection. It has always been successful so far!

I can also create a wedding book or produce large-format photo prints. The prices depend on individual requests. Drop me a message!

Individual & family portraits

It always depends on the duration of the photo session, whether it's for your personal portrait, capturing a family afternoon, or corporate business photos. Typically, I photograph for 1-2 hours, which will cost you 3000 CZK (125 EUR), or 3500 CZK
(145 EUR)
for a studio session.

If you're interested in studio photos, I rent a studio with all the professional equipment in Prague.

I intentionally don't specify the final number of photos you will receive. I will sort and edit the best shots, and you will receive all of them. From there, you can certainly make your selection.


Team buildings, company parties, conferences, cultural events – it will be an honor to document anything you organize. I charge 2.500 CZK / 80 EUR for the first hour and 1.200 CZK / 50 EUR for every hour after that.

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