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Svatební fotograf Tomáš Trnka

About me

I like people and their stories – so I capture them.

It took me a little while to get into photography. Before learning how to use a camera, I did a media studies course in Prague, worked in journalism, and then ended up in the corporate world. Eventually, I realized that I'm better at photography than I am at sitting around in meeting rooms, so I gave it a try, and here I am.

I started with street photography, which to this day, remains my favorite discipline. Very rarely do I leave my apartment without my beloved compact Fuji film camera. Street photography really taught me how to capture fleeting moments and emotions, which we photographers pursue all the time.

I like to apply these experiences from my long days out in the streets to other genres of photography. Especially weddings,
where you don't get second chances to capture truly unique moments that won't ever happen again. I hope it's noticeable.

Every person is a story, and I'm looking forward to capturing yours.

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