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Ála and Vojta

I was really looking forward to this wedding. I have known Ála and Vojta for more than 10 years now (and they've been together for even longer!), and it was clear that this was going to be a big one. They both managed to avoid COVID (written in 2020), so there was nothing to stop this wedding at Statek Háječek.

A small, intimate celebration with family and close friends took place already on Friday evening, but the main show started on Saturday. The bride and groom said their "yes" in a light rain during a beautiful ceremony while their friends played covers of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. I have to admit that even I had to compose myself, trying not to get too emotional to be able to focus on my job as a wedding photographer.

The celebration continued until the early morning hours as the band eventually got replaced by a DJ friend from the Netherlands. Everybody was dancing, children and grandparents, which is always a delight for the wedding photographer.

Take a look at the photos yourself!

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