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Cecílie & Martin

"I will be getting married the day after my mother's wedding, for which she booked you as the wedding photographer. Can you also photograph our wedding a day later?" And so, I spent two days at the weddings of this amazing family.

Cecílie and Martin came all the way from Switzerland, where they live together, to get married in the beautiful surroundings of Yard Resort near Neratovice, in the presence of their Czech and Swiss families. Although I only photographed for half a day at the wedding, it was definitely worth it!

The ceremony was one of the most beautiful I have experienced at weddings: the officiants had prepared impressive speeches, as did the witnesses and, of course, the bride and groom. Moreover, it lasted more than half an hour, which is pure joy for a wedding photographer! Plenty of time to find interesting angles, capture the emotions of all the participants, and document even the smallest details.

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