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Kristýna & Honza

"Hi Tomáš, I just had to write to you again. I've gone through the photos about twenty times already. And you know what? I'm enjoying them more and more. I can't wait to have them printed and hold them in my hands. But I have to tell you now that... you were an excellent choice. I don't like, and especially don't appreciate, those posed wedding photos that everyone seems to have. People pretending and staged acts of love and affection. Yeah, I guess they might be nice, and people are excited about them. But you know what? I know that all of ours are REAL. And you enhanced our wedding with artistry. It's simply a masterpiece. Thank you once again."

I had to wait a while for this wedding. Kristýna and I had already planned it a year in advance, with the wedding scheduled for September 2021. However, it was postponed by a year, so I only met the bride for the first time in September 2022 when I arrived in Ohrazenice, where the wedding took place.

The task was clear: minimal posed photos, mainly candid shots. And there was no shortage of those! The newlyweds and guests definitely weren't afraid of them. They celebrated from the early afternoon, playing all sorts of crazy games, and as twilight fell, they hit the dance floor with such enthusiasm that it was difficult for me to leave around midnight. I almost regretted arriving by car and not being able to fully join in the festivities.

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