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Petra and Honza

"Tome, we just went through the photos and we had a great time. They're fantastic, exactly as we imagined them. Thank you so much!"

When we met Petra and Honza at the pre-wedding meeting at Cobra in Letná, I already had a feeling that this lovely couple would truly enjoy their wedding. And when a few days later Petra sent me an email with a layout of the wedding venue, which included a swimming pool, there was no doubt about it.

When I arrived at Kamenný Mlýn near Strakonice, the preparations were already in full swing, and I didn't know what to photograph first. Then came the heartfelt ceremony, the reception, and a quick photo session with the newlyweds, after which everyone headed to the pool, even those who hadn't initially planned on it. At times, I had to be extra careful not to drown my photographic equipment!

The evening was filled with wild dancing under the erected tent, which was not even stopped by the rain that arrived later.

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