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Naturally. Genuinely. Unaffectedly.

My name is Tomáš, and I am a wedding photographer from Prague. However, I will capture your wedding wherever you desire.

A wedding, to me, is a celebration of love, and my goal is to authentically capture its beauty and the diversity of emotions associated with it. For several years now, I have joyfully narrated your wedding stories so that you can always return to them with happiness.

Before you decide whether I am the right wedding photographer for you, take a brief look at my work:



A wedding is an unrepeatable event, and my task as a wedding photographer is to capture even the smallest details that are easy to overlook in all the hustle.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who will capture your wedding in all its colors without unnecessary artificiality, it would be an honor to collaborate with you. Take a look at the portfolio of my wedding stories and feel free to reach out to me!

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your dream wedding photos.


Selection of Wedding Stories

As a wedding photographer, I've been part of small intimate ceremonies with just the bride, groom, and witnesses. I've documented classic weddings with all the traditions that come with them. But I've also found myself photographing dance floors at the wildest wedding celebrations at three in the morning.

Every wedding is different, and that's what I love most about this job. I always look forward to each new one I get to be a part of!

Here is a selection of a few wedding stories:


Svatba v Toskánsku

Renči & Luca

Smějící se ženich a nevěsta

Anička & Martin

Nevěsta dává polibek ženichovi během svatby ve Velkém Meziříčí

adéla & štěpán

Svatební portrét novomanželů

Petra & Honza

První novomanželský polibek nevěsty a ženicha

Kristýna & Honza

Usmívající se novomanželé po skončení církevního svatebního obřadu na statku Háječek

Ála & Vojta

Nevěsta s ženichem stojí u oltáře během obřadu pod širým nebem.

Lus & Marek

Radující se ženich drží během obřadu nevěstu za ruku

Hedvika & David

"Having Tomáš photograph our wedding was the best decision. We wanted a few nice photos, but we received works of art.

Tomáš managed to capture all the emotions and moments in the photos, and looking at them feels like going back in time. Additionally, Tomáš is a friendly person, and it was a joy to have him at the wedding. It couldn't have been better!"

- Ála & Vojta

Timeless photographs that you will revisit throughout your life


I don't only photograph weddings!

Before delving into the world of wedding photography, I dedicated a significant amount of time to street photography. Through capturing life in the streets, I learned to seize the right moment and gained the necessary experience that I now apply to every wedding as a photographer.

You can view my portfolio of street and documentary photos here.


And since my collection has grown into a cohesive body of work over the years, I have released my first limited edition photobook called "Looking Around," documenting street life during my travels in world metropolises. Only 50 copies available.

Fotografický zine Looking Around fotografa Tomáše Trnky, sbírka černobílých street fotografií
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